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Quran Translation In Urdu

This course is geared to help students understand the meaning of the Quran. Student will be instructed by a qualified scholar who is skilled in teaching the Quran translation.

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Fee Packages

Our pricing is based on the time the instructor spends with the student regardless of what the student wants to learn. This allows students to tailor the course and learning to their needs.

Package 1

$40 Per Month

Weekend (Sat - Sun)

30 Minutes Class Timing

Package 2

$40 Per Month

2 Days (Any 2 Days)

30 Minutes Class Timing

Package 3

$55 Per Month

3 Days (Mon-Wed or Thur-Sat)

30 Minutes Class Timing

Custom Package

Fee on your demand

Days: on your choice

Class Duration: On your choice

$10 off for each additional member from same family